Leadership Workshops

With over 25 years of international experience in the leadership & team building industry, our expert Facilitators bring proven, unique outside methodologies to help improve teams.

As an outsider, our Facilitators do not have the “baggage” that many workplaces carry. With the experience and confidence to ask the hard questions, make you truely explore why you operate in a specific way then expose you to new and improved techniques.
You can either adapt or die. And our Leadership Workshops are designed to help you adapt, grow and conquer.

Stripping back the goofy games, these workshops that a more serious turn as we dive deep into your team’s development.

Creating an environment for open dialogue, honesty and leaving space for team members to develop their skills.

As part of each workshop there will be a series of challenges or games to help your team better understand the topic on hand and develop their skills.

These workshops can be done as part of your conference, team retreat or as a stand alone event.

New Managers Workshop
Leadership Fundamentals
Customer Service
Management Development

Our Range Of Leadership Services

Mental Health Culture Workshop

Develop a powerful culture around Mental Health. Participants will receive their Mental Health First Aid Certificate while exploring how to build a workplace with a focus on Mental Health.

This workshop helps you develop a positive culture around mental health at work. Develop the skills and understanding to support your team.

Cyber Security Culture Workshop

Build a strong culture of cyber security awareness and resilience in your organization.

We all play a part in keeping the companies, the clients and our own personal data safe and secure. This workshop will explore each person’s responsibility in security, have fun crafting your own scam and developing a culture all around security.

Workplace Culture Catalyst Program

In today’s dynamic business landscape, a positive workplace culture is the cornerstone of organizational success. 

The Workplace Culture Catalyst Program educated Executives & Leadership Teams on how to build a powerful culture and develop a plan to make positive change by designing a Workplace Culture Plan.

United Nations Strategy Workshop

Immerse yourself in a world of diverse nations, each facing unique challenges. Negotiate, trade, innovate, and collaborate to conquer your obstacles and forge a brighter future for all.

The Ultimate Strategy Workshop

Culture Talks Workshop​​

Communication & Culture is key to any team’s success. Be it how a leader speaks to their team, how a team communicates with each other, how we speak to customers plays a key role in a team’s success.

The culture of the company is the lifeblood of how an organisation will either sink or swim.

Leadership Matters Workshop

The most versatile leadership workshop on offer.

Pulling from numerous workshops and programs, we deep dive into communication, culture, leadership and how to build powerful teams.
Through hands on challenges and programs this trailered program will empower your leaders to do better.

Developing leadership teams.

Problem Solving Workshops​

Team Building events typically only scratch the surface of Problem Solving and Creative Thinking.

This workshop will explore the pitfalls your team can face, the institutionalized limitation around problem solving within the organization.
Explore as a team how to change bad habits and develop a culture and support network which welcomes Problem Solving.

Productivity Development Workshop

“Be more productive!” is never going to improve your team’s output.
This workshop is designed for Executives and Management teams wanting to actually improve their organizations productivity.

<br>Understand what the company values, how to incentivize and motivate your team to improve their output and deliver exceptional  results.

Customized Packages

Leadership Workshops

With over 22 years of leadership and team building experience, Premier Team Building offers workshops to suit all team’s. 
Speak with our experienced team to discuss a fully customized workshop to deliver a powerful result.

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