Your Culture is showing…

Your Culture is showing…

Are you genuine or just culture clout-chasing?

Come June 1st, if you scroll through social media, you’ll see countless organizations posting about Pride Month and Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. BUT if you search their social media pages, chances are, you won’t see either of these mentioned again until the previous year’s June.

Why is this?

It’s Culture Clout-Chasing and it could be seriously impacting your workplace culture in a very negative way.

Chances are your team follows, or at least receives notifications about what you’re promoting or celebrating. I’m sure they’ve received the meeting request to join in the break room the cupcakes on R U OK? Day. But it’s likely when they see what you’re doing, they’re reacting with eye rolls and scoffs of dismay.

Every time we see organisations promoting these amazing causes, we have to ask “Show your work”. And you should be asking yourself this too.

Does your company ACTUALLY value these causes and incentives? Or are you just doing it so you fit in with the rest of the business world? Show your work. Prove it.

The reason culture-clout chasing is damaging to your workplace culture, is your staff see through it. They see you as disingenuous, two-faced, shallow and they lose all trust in you. If you’re not embedding these causes into your culture, then chances are, you’re not embodying these amazing causes, and your team may feel your shallow and clout chasing when you share them on social media.

By promoting on social media that you care about Pride or Mental Health, while you continue to overwork and belittle people for taking mental health days (or don’t even allow them), or maybe continue to employ the manager who is bigoted and refuses to acknowledge people in their preferred manner, doesn’t show your team you actually care about those causes you so proudly share on social media.

This is what we mean when we say “Show Your Work”.

At Premier Team Building, we work with numerous companies to help them design, develop, execute and embed key aspects into their culture to ensure it’s welcomed and accepted by their team. If you require such support, contact our team to discuss our culture development services further.

How can you self-diagnose if you’re culture clout-chasing?


Do the following:

  1. Identify the cause you believe is valued by the organization
  2. Write down what the organization does on a regular basis to promote, support and empower your people as it relates to this cause
  3. Ask for feedback on your list from your team to ensure they agree the company actually takes these actions

If you find that you’ve created a list, which is verified by various team members, then you’re most likely no culture clout-chasing.

If you can’t form a list, or the feedback you receive is that the company doesn’t actually value any of these things, then you’re most likely culture clout-chasing.

If you embody these values already, then we suggest, rather than just promoting the obligatory social media posts, SHOW YOUR WORK. Promote what you actually do. Be proud!

Stand out as a culture champion and promote how you actually support your team through Mental Health, Price, Wellness, inclusivity and anything else. This will make you a more attractive employer and a desirable business partner to work with. Your team will be proud of the work you do and that they are part of such a powerful culture.

On the other hand, if you don’t embody these values, pledge to improve your culture, to learn how to embody such values. If you’re brave enough, consider sharing your goals as an organization and that you look forward to being a culture champion.

If your culture is struggling and requires extra help in developing its culture, contact our team of experienced and skilled culture coaches to help you make measurable changes within your workplace.

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