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Pip Scott-Allen

The Founder & Director of Premier Team Building, Pip Scott-Allen, has been in the leadership and team building industry for over 25 years.

His experience spans nations and industries.

Pip’s career spans numerous industries and countries, yet leadership and team development has always been a core focus in every role he as taken part in.

Trained as a stage actor in his younger years, Pip is at home in front of an audience, be it on stage or off.

Lead Team Building Facilitator Pip Scott-Allen

About Pip

Canadian Born, Pip has spent over 25 years in the leadership and team building industry and related roles.

Pip’s experience is vast and varied through numerous industries from Outdoor Education, Back Country Guide, Ropes Course Leader, Bottle Shop Manager, Lifeguard Instructor and even stage actor/performer.

Pip’s experience ranges from working for workplace culture industry leaders to some of the work’s leaders imaginable. 

When Pip isn’t Speaking, or running Leadership Workshops, you can find him facilitating team building events across Australia and around the globe.

Rather than be disconnected from his team, and the industry, Pip remains active and engaged in all things leadership and Premier Team Building.

Pip’s leadership carreer began at a young age, having to learn how to lead and manage people who were his senior and his friends.
Pip had to learn to set boundaries, express clear goals and manage at a young age.

Durring Pip’s early career, he dealt with the impacts of working for an organisation with a toxic culture. A culture which caused a negative impact on his, and his teammates, mental & physical health. It was this point he knew he never wanted anyone to experience a culture like this.

Pip brings passion and energy to all his speaking events, engaging with his audience to make it more of a conversation versus a lecture.

Leadership Keynote Topics

Tap into Pip’s years of experience from leading to building teams. Restarting one’s life, overcoming toxic workplaces and building cultures which attack versus burnout.

Building Profitable Culture

If you had a new team, and 2 focused days of training to build a team, would your team be powerful enough to carry you for 12 months?

Starting From Scratch
Starting Over

Starting over is scary. A new country, a new role, a new world. Learn what it takes from first hand experience to adapt, overcome and grow

Leading Outside Your Age Bracket

It’s not your age, it’s your experience which counts. Don’t let your age hold you back. At the age of 14 Pip was leading his friends and those 20+ his senior.

Embracing Change

Roll with the punches. From being a high-performing youth athlete to a prominent stage actor, join Pip has he talks enlightens you on the path to overcoming change.

Toxic Culture And Your Health

What does a bad culture cost a company? What does it cost it’s people? Pip talks first hand about the impacts he experienced to his own health and life.

How toxic cultures kill.

My Journey
My Battle

Follow the vast experience and challenges faced by Pip in his career. What did it take to overcome, rebuild and climb out of the ashes. 

This is the motivational story of Pip

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It’s hard to distil all Pip has done or seen. Speak with Pip about your conference theme and how he can help. 
Pip delivered custom speaking topics regularly as all teams and events are unique.

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