United Nations Strategy Workshop


Join forces in a world of diverse nations, each burdened by a unique obstacle. Your skills, resources, and cultural background hold the key to overcoming these challenges, but no nation can do it alone.

Embark on a journey of diplomacy, negotiation, and collaboration. Trade resources, forge alliances, and navigate cultural complexities to reach a global solution.


Can your team bridge the gaps and forge a brighter future?


Indoors Australia Wide



Group Size

Ideal for large groups

Working towards a better Tomorrow

Strategy Building Team Event

Splitting your team into difference countries where they will embody the role of a citizen from their pre-selected country. Each group is provided with a background of their new country, along with values, allies, geography & more.

Each country is facing its own unique struggle that needs to be overcome. Sadly they do not have the ability to solve their issues own issues. Be it from lack of finances, resources or skill. Each country will need to devise a plan on how they would like to resolve their issues before approaching a neighboring country to begin negotiations for support packages


Not all countries are welcoming or willing to share their resources.

Strategy & Teamwork

Selected members from each team will play the role of their country’s Ambassador, where they will make their request for support to the other United Nations. There will be times of public debate in front of the whole group and times of private negotiations.

The ultimate goal is to solve all, or as many as possible, current issues being faced by the countries. If unable to immediately solve, a plan must be put in place on how to move towards a resolution in time.

Immersive Team Building Experience Challenge

Embrace your identity

Represent your assigned nation, with its unique strengths, weaknesses, and cultural

Unleash your inner diplomat

Negotiate trade agreements, resolve conflicts, and forge strategic alliances.

Think beyond borders

Collaborate with other nations to solve shared challenges, recognizing the power of interdependence.

Rise to the occasion

Apply your skills and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles and find innovative solutions.

Adapt or Die

Learn to handle change and challenges on the fly as you overcome unforeseen challenges.

Embrace the thrill of victory

Celebrate collective achievements and build a stronger, more united world.

Explore Various Challenges

Building Strategic & Resilient Leaders

Overcome Natural Disasters

Contain Outbreaks

Handle Civil Unrest

Financial Instability

Isolation and Trade Barriers

Deforestation Impact

Volcanic Activity Impact

React To Military Coup 

Strategy Development Leadership Workshop

This immersive team building event is designed to create resilient leaders who focus on a global goal and success.

Develop how your team hands challenges, works with various departments and moving parts within a project.
Your team will walk away with a deeper understanding of teamwork, alliance, and goal setting.

Unlike other workshops where you are talked at, the United Nations Strategy Workshop has your team taking chare and leading the conversation. 

Can they put aside their selfish goals and towards a common good?

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Critical THinking
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Delegation Skills
Creative Thinking
Conflict Resolution
Active Listening
Collaboration & Teamwork
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