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Expand your leadership skills with a Personal Leadership Coach. Excel in business, Excel as a Leader.

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Develop your leadership skills today!

With over 17 years of international team building and group leadership coaching we are now offering one on one personal leadership coaching. Together let's build you into the next best executive leader & culture champion. Using our years of experience we have developed a creative leadership development process to aid teams and leaders excell in the business world. Leadership Coaching

Why get a Personal Leadership Coach?

Perspective is everything. Working with a leadership coach allows you to pause and take stock of the skills you have, where you wish to improve and find out what is holding you back. 

Often we can't see the forest from the trees and a Personal Leadership Coach can help elevate you, change your perspective and help you find the path.


Why work with Pip?

Pip, the Founder & Director of Premier Team Building, has been coaching and facilitating leadership events around the globe. A life long learner he is always looking for new ways to develop himself and the leadership world. Asking the tough questions, considering why we follow certain frameworks and creating new and adaptive leadership concepts.

From learning how to reinvent himself in a new country, taking over old teams as a new leader, creating many exclusive concepts, Pip's goal is to help leaders excel.

Leadership Coach

Areas of Expertise

✯Personal Leadership Development ✯Young Leaders ✯Know Your Why
✯Humility ✯Ownership ✯Growing Your Team
✯Accountability  ✯New Leader, Old Team ✯Customer Service
✯Friends & Colleagues - Where To Draw The Line ✯Team Development & Training ✯Saying Goodbye - Moving on & Letting Go
✯Reinventing One's Self ✯Decision Making ✯Conflict Resolution
✯Age Gap Challenges ✯Building Trust ✯And Much More...


Personal Leadership Coaching isn't for everyone, nor is every coach right for everyone. Book your free 30min Get To Know You Session chat to see if you and Pip are the right fit.



Perhaps one on one leadership coaching isn't the right choice for you, but you know the team needs something to boost them. Check out our Leadership Evolution or Wolf Pack Culture Program for group leadership development options.







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