Team Maintenance plan

If you ask a Doctor, a Dentist, a  Chiropractor, Professional Body Builders, a Mechanic, a Personal Trainer or even a Marriage Councillor they will all say the same thing…

On going maintenance and care is the #1 way to reduce any major issues and ensure peak performance

Team Maintenance plan | team building programs

The same thing applies to your team. On going support and maintenance plans are the best way to main peak performance and mitigate the risk of team breakdown.

Now one Team Building or Team Bonding event (what’s the difference?) a year won’t ensure peak performance. You don’t go to the gym once and walk out “well I’m in peak physical condition now.. back next year!”. It takes on going maintenance and dedication to ensure peak performance.

The best way to ensure your team remains operating at peak performance is regular, on going, team development.


The Team Maintenance Place is designed to ensure you have consistent, on point team development which is customised to suit you and your unique team.

You will get a fully customised 12 month plan which will include 2 full team events*, 4 Breakout Sessions, A monthly Coaching/Consulting session and full access to our Webinars for the whole team.

Our Team will work with you to understand your goals for the team, then design the year’s plan for you (which can be adjusted if situations change throughout the year).

Consider this like  Scheduled Maintenance plan for your team, like going to the Chiro, Gym, Dentist or Mechanic.


With a regular, scheduled investment, it ensures regular development in your team while minimizing large, unplanned costs. This regular training and development shows an investment within the team, a level of care which they will return by investing in the business and caring more deeply about their role.

Every business has to invest in their staff. Be it simply hiring them or seriously investing in their development to ensure motivation and retention.

The Team Maintenance Plan is a cost effective method of ensuring on going development of your team. Consider it an insurance policy for your team development.


    The most cost effective and efficient way to invest in your team. Manage your cash flow & your team development.

    What Are The Benefits?

    As this is an annual plan, we work with you to set the goal for the year. This means all programs are aligned and aid in the overall growth.
    If you bounce between single events and random operators there is no continuity in the year’s development and could negatively impact the team.

    How Much Will I Save?

    You will save at least $670 per year. That is enough for 1 full team event

    What's Included?

    You will get: 

    • Two Team Events per year
    • 4 Power Breakout Session ( 1 per quarter)
    • Monthly Consulting Sessions
    • Access To Monthly Webinars
    • Annual Team Health Report
    • Consistent Message Over The Year
    • Adaptable To Changes Over The Year

    How Do We Gauge Results?

    Since we customise the whole year’s plan to suit your needs, along with the monthly consulting sessions, we can easily monitor the progress and make adjustments as needed

    How Do We Start?

    It’s simple, contact our team and we will find the best option for you. We will find the most cost effective option which gives you the best savings

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The minimum cost for for the Team Maintenance plan is $320 per month. Perfect for small team’s who want to invest in their team’s success while managing cashflow.

    Depending on your team size, prizing will change. Our team will work to find you the best savings possible, so ask for your customised quote today.

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