Problem Solving Programs

How your team handles business challenges is where you either make it or break it. Through our range of problem solving challenges, we help stimulate creative problem-solving techniques.

Complacency stifles creativity. If you find your team struggles to create new and unique solutions to problems, then this program is for you!

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90 mins, or longer upon request

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Mouse Trap

Like the classic game, your team will need to build an elaborate yet effective cause and effect domino style track.

Build either a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine  or split into smaller groups to build your tack before you set them in motion with this collaborative team building activity. Similar to the classic dominos game, stack them up, make them fall.

Working as a team everyone must use the resources at hand to build the track which will set off the chain reaction.

Perfect for any event space from your meeting hall, conference venue or even outdoor space.

Puzzle Master

This fast pace event has your team working in a series of puzzles forcing them to think creatively to solve a series of puzzles.

A giant rope & knot puzzle, to building wooden structure with no instructions, building walking structures and many more.

Fast, creative and full of energy, adaptable to all teams and all locations

Mouse Trap Cars

Working in small groups you will need to build working race cars using very limited supplies. Using Mouse Traps, CDs, Elastic Bands, Paperclips and more!

Work together to build these cars, before the ultimate drag race! Who’s will be fastest? Which will go the furthest?

Perfect for short sessions, and teams needing a break while at conferences.

Mission Impossible

From navigating a minefield, climbing through a laser maze to stealing crown jewels from above.

Your team will have to look at the objective at hand, the guidelines, restrictions and materials at hand. Working together they will have to come up with a plan of attack, try, readjust and solve

Perfect problem solving challenges for all venues and all teams.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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