DISCflex™ Profile Workshop


Do you ever feel like you’re speaking different languages with your colleagues?

This interactive leadership workshop delves into DISC™ profiles, a powerful tool for understanding individual communication styles and preferences. Discover how Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness shape how you and your team members lead, interact, collaborate, and make decisions.


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Half to Full Day

Group Size


Reflection, Understanding & Insight

This workshop is designed for open and honest debate. Shining light on outdated ideas and mindsets to better prepare the participants to lead in a changing environment.

What you’ll gain:

  • Personal insights: Identify your DISC™ style, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Team understanding: Learn how different DISC™ styles communicate and collaborate.
  • Communication strategies: Adapt your approach to resonate with each team member.
  • Enhanced teamwork: Build stronger relationships, resolve conflicts more effectively, and achieve better results together

Understanding How We Tick, How We Work


Leading up to your event, each participant will be sent access to their online DISCflex™ assessment portal. They will need to complete this in advance of the workshop (under 30min) to ensure our certified facilitators can review their individual and team reports. 


DISCflex™ Workshop Inclusions

This workshop is fully customisable to suit your needs and goals.

Team DISC­flex™

By completing their assessment,  Premier Team Building will generate individual DISCflex™ Business Behaviors reports, and a Team DISCflex™ Business Behaviors report.

This Team DISCflex™ Business Behaviors report maps out the whole team’s personalities/styles, outlines potential challenges, where they need to “flex”, how their behaviour, where the team may be lacking in certain areas and how to “flex” to best serve their team

The personal reports allow each participant to seek third-party feedback such as: family, friends, co-workers, or those within their team to complete the report “on their behalf”. This third-party feedback allows us to understand how they, as leaders, are viewed by others, versus how they see themselves. An extremely enlightening experience for many Leaders.

This is a powerful tool for each person to understand themselves and how their personalities impact the business and their team.

DISC™ Profiles

DISC™ profiling analyzes 4 key personality & communication styles: Dominance (Direct), Influence (Enthusiastic), Steadiness (Patient), and Conscientiousness (Analytical). Understanding your DISC style and others’ can help improve communication, build stronger teams, and resolve conflict. It’s a helpful tool for personal and professional development, but remember it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Premier Team Building utilises DISCflex™ to help leaders understand how their personality impacts their role as leaders, where they need to “flex” within certain circumstances, how to build balanced teams, and how to best use team members.

Your workshop will be facilitated by a certified DISCflex™ Coach, exploring the benefits and personal insight in DISC™

DISC™ profiling is a popular tool used to understand individual behaviour and communication styles in the workplace. It stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, the four key traits the model measures.

Here’s the gist:

  • It’s not a test, but a personal assessment: You answer questions about your preferences and tendencies in different situations.
  • Results categorize you into one or two dominant styles: Each style has strengths and weaknesses, but everyone has a blend of all four.
  • Helps build self-awareness: You gain insights into your motivations, communication style, and potential areas for improvement.
  • Improves communication and teamwork: By understanding yourself and others’ DISC™ styles, you can adapt your communication, build stronger relationships, and work more effectively together.

Think of it as a common language: DISC provides a framework for discussing communication preferences, leading to better team interaction, conflict resolution, and overall workplace harmony.

Combine This Workshop For Additional Growth


Add this workshop to our LEADERSHIP MATTERS workshop for additional growth and team development.

The inclusion of DISCflex™ to the Leadership Matters Workshop gives leaders an understanding of their personality as a leader while supporting them with leadership development to effectively lead their teams

DISCflex™ Individual Assessments & Reports

These DISCflex™ Business Behaviors reports are completed online before the event to help each individual understand their unique personality and behaviours.
These reports are powerful tools for each person to understand themselves and how their personalities impact the business world around them, how they lead and what their teams think about them. With our online platform, participants can even ask a third party to take their assessment to understand how others perceive them. This allows for a deep reflective process to understand how they present themselves at work, at home and how they view themselves.

DISC™ Team Assessment & Report

One of our most powerful tools for a team to use to understand their team make-up and leaders’ influence. Each team member will take an assessment which then inputs into a team report, allowing us to deep dive into how your team is built, where any potential behavior holes are, what kind of candidates should be taught after and how their leader fits into the team.

This Assessment pulls data from the whole team to create a team DISC profile report. It is an amazing tool when exploring project shortfalls, planning for growth or looking at internal role changes. 

The report allows Premier Team Building to adjust who sits in the leadership role, highlighting gaps in personality skills and highlighting which areas the team needs to “flex” into.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Team Management & development
Improved team culture
Leadership Planning
Respective Communication
workplace respect
Goal Setting
Communincation Skills
Culture Development
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