Leadership Matters Workshop


While some people are “natural” leaders, for others its a skill which can be learnt.

This workshop is a blend of hands-on team challenges, games and tasks with a open discussion workshop section.


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Half to Full Day

Group Size


DISCflex leadership workshop

Developing Great Leaders

As a group you’ll be pushed to understand the value of communicating effectively up and down the chain of command, working well with others/other departments, how to engage other members and develop key skills as a leader.

This workshop is customised to suit your goals and objectives. If there is a topic you would like more attention on, please advise our teams.

Leadership Development Workshop

The Leadership Matters Workshop isn’t just your team being talked at. They will be required to participate, engage and actively play a role in the day’s event. The workshop is fun, engaging and always brings out laughter.

This workshop covers a wide range of essential communication areas, from active listening and nonverbal communication skills to ethical communication and crisis management. Participants will learn how to effectively communicate and lead their team through projects while also liaising with other departments or teams.

Workshop Topics

This workshop is fully customisable to suit your needs and goals.

Through a combination of theory, exercises, and discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights and develop the necessary skills to excel in their profession as leaders.

This workshop is designed for open and honest debate. Shining light on outdated ideas and mindsets to better prepare the participants to lead in a changing environment.

Unlike other workshops where you get talked at, this workshop is a blend of hands on challenges, open forum discussions all facilitated by an experienced Leadership Coach & Facilitator.

Combine This Workshop For Additional Growth


Double up with the addition the the DISCflex™ Workshop to expand your leaders mindset, and understanding of the role their personalities play in leading their team.

The inclusion of DISCflex™ to the Leadership Matters Workshop trains leaders on how to effectively “flex” to reach the best outcomes for their teams, understand how their personalities may be impacting their team and which methods can be used to reach the best outcome possibe

Skill Development & Outcomes
Active Listening Skills
Improved team culture
Leadership Planning
Respective Communication
workplace respect
Goal Setting
Communincation Skills
Culture Development
Team Management
Delivering custom designed programs

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