Motivation & Team Building

Motivation & Team Building

I have been following Carol Fox lately.  She is a confident Communication Expert.  I have been going to her sessions on the new sports program “She Can Coach Project” 

This woman is absolutely amazing! Carol talks how the way we communicate, the different ways to communicate and how to speak to someone with different communication styles.  She speaks about how we should hold ourselves and speaks about the limiting stories and beliefs we have on ourselves and how to change that mindset.  In my favourite part of the sessions we had was the “What If” moments.  If someone says “but that’s too hard”, your response could be “well what if it wasn’tt”.  Just by Carol saying this absolutely blew my mind and my mindset, just by her saying that jolted me, “what if it wasn’t hard, what if I found another way” 

Now your probably wondering why a Team Building expert is going to a Confident Communication expert.  Well that’s exactly it, my company encouraged me to go, to development and fine-tuned my skills.  They gave me the motivation to seek out my own personal and professional development. 

Because of this I am feeling a lot more confident on the way I hold myself in front of a team building event of 100+ people, and even more confident when I walk into a meeting with a client to have the hard talk about having a team building event and they start off with “well I don’t think we need team building” I reply with “well what if you did and what would that look like”   of course the look on the clients face changes and they start to think.   

Now I believe that my company is getting the best of the best out of me, because they told me about this great program, and they gave me the time to go to the program to fine tuned the skills I had.  So now I feel motivated to share the experience of motivation and what it has done to me personally and professionally. 

Motivation is the keyword here, we push our teams to be the best they can be, to turn up and to get the job done.  We try to motivate them with “Shout Outs” and “Employee of the Week Awards”, and don’t get me wrong these are great and it does motivate some, however, it only motivates for the short term.  As a business I know you want your staff to do well, of course you do, this is a business and you want to be the best, however, to do this you need your staff to be motivated to be there.   

That’s where team building comes in! By having regular team building activities promotes motivation as your team sees you’re invested in them.  They will motivated to be the best they can be and those shout-outs and team members of the week will actually mean something. 

Having regular team building activities shows your staff that you’re invested in not just their productivity but their actual development and time 

Written by: Katie – Leadership Facilitator