The Importance of Team Building for Remote and Hybrid Teams

The Importance of Team Building for Remote and Hybrid Teams

What are the benefits of team building activities for remote teams?

In this modern day, many companies have team members who work remotely, or after COVID they’ve chosen a more Hybrid working environment. But just because we don’t have our teams physically together the way we used to, doesn’t mean we don’t need to invest in our workplace culture.

With team members working remotely, or in hybrid situations, team building activities play a key role in developing a great culture which directly impacts the work they do.

So why should you consider doing team building activities for your remote or hybrid team?

Improve Communication

A well-executed team building activity is a great way to develop a remote team’s communication skills. With the focus on clear, effective communication your team can elevate their communication skills while still working remotely.

A fun and creative virtual team building event is a great way to focus on clear, effective communication. This will help teams overcome any breakdowns the may face due to the physical distance between them.

Clear communication is a fundamentally crucial skill for any business. Without great communication, projects miss deadlines and clients are left disappointed.

Develop Trust and Rapport

When people don’t have regular face-to-face interactions, it can be hard to build a connection with teammates. Team Building activities fill this voide by pushing team members to work together, engage with one another and rebuild those connections.

If you’re fortunate enough to bring people together for an in-person event, great! Otherwise, a virtual team activity which has people working in small groups will help rebuild those connections with more Facetime.

Trust and rapport is key for our teams. Without these factors, they are less likely to push creative boundaries, express new ideas and take the necessary risks to advance the business.
When team members feel safe, they are more creative and connected to the business

Strengthen Collaboration

Remote & Hybrid teams also suffer from a lack of collaboration and teamwork. They don’t see one another, or sometimes, anyone daily.
Team building activities can help team members improve their collaboration skills as they experience it first-hand, through a collaborative team building event.

Your next team building activity could push your remote teams to collaborate more with each other and strengthen their goal-setting and teamwork skills for the benefit of the business.

Boost Engagement

When you work remotely, sometimes you feel alone. You might eat lunch alone, morning tea alone, and more alone time after that. It can create a real divide between remote workers and their sense of belonging.

Team Building activities remind team members they are part of something bigger. They get to connect with their teammates, reconnect with old friends and make new friends through a fun and engaging team event.

When team members feel more connected to their team as a group, they deliver better results for the business, because they’re invested in the business and those they work with.

Promote Creativity and Innovation

Without the ability to pop your head into someone’s office, eavesdrop on others, or just chat around the water cooler, we’ve lost the creative spark we once had.

With teams being isolated at their home offices, they don’t get that outside influence they once would have relied on to spawn their next great idea.

But with a team building activity, your team will be made to engage and interact with one another. Conversations naturally happen, discussions evolve and before you know it, your team is solving a problem with a creative idea all from the inspiration of the event.

Now virtual team building activities for remote teams are always a great hit, but if you’re fortunate enough to consider something in person, you’ll experience a much greater ROI by investing in your team.

Many of our clients do annual team retreats to bring everyone together to make a big, positive impact on their team and the work they deliver.

If you’re curious about what you can do for your team, contact our us at Premier Team Building. We would love to help you find the most suitable and beneficial team building event for your remote team.