Online Team Events​​

Don’t settle for cheap and basic online team events.
Our Online Team Building activities are not only fun, but they are they are actually focused on your team’s development.

All programs focus on fun and results. More than just your basic video call, these events will develop a deeper community, trust, collaboration and communication skills as a while.

This is Team Building Done Right™




1.5 Hours +

Group Size

4 +

Top Online Team Events

Mouse Trap Racer
Can you build a high speed, working, Mouse Trap powered Car?
Will it run, or will it blow up?!
Let's Van Gogh
Unleash your team's creative side! One person describes as the other must paint.
Need For Speed
Design and build a wind or water powered car before taking to "the streets" and racing each other
LEGO® Masters Online
Special LEGO® kits sent to your door. Each participant will not only have to build, but also coach others on what, and how to build.
Each person gets to keep their LEGO® creation to commemorate their event.
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Is your team spread all over the Country or World?
Thanks to our customised event App your team can compete in this challenge anywhere in the world at their own pace.
Photo Scavenger Hunt
After something a bit more social, simple and fun?
Our event masters will customise your very own trivia night and host it for your team.
A great way for teams to get to know one another.

Online Team Building Events

The best part of these events are that your team will get an inclusive hands on event, while keeping their creations to remind them of the event and skills they learned.

These programs are perfect to re-unite your team while stuck in lockdown, interstate and international teams. Just because you can’t be “together” doesn’t mean they can’t work together!

All of these events are customised for your team’s and ensure everyone has something to keep post event. Don’t lower your standards for some trivia based online team event. Get some real results with a hands on at home team event.

Being Hands-On during team challenges creates a deeper level of engagement and connection within the team. When someone is struggling with a challenge, someone else from their team will have experienced this same problem or is currently dealing with it as well.

Pick one of our many challenges, be it a Lego Challenge, Mousetrap Race Car, Catapult Wars or any of the 21 events. Our team will then prepare all the materials and tools needed for the event (we supply everything). We post out the kits to everyone or your head office well in advance before hosting the event on the night. We take care of it all for you!


From $75 per person. No Hidden costs, Australian Postage included, hosting provided.

Hosted Online, no software of plans required. Everyone receives their own physical kit to work on.

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