Amazing Race

An epic and exciting team event. The Amazing Race is a great social event for you and your team!

Splitting into small teams, your group will embark on a series of fun and exciting challenges as they explore the city of your choice. Designing you a fully customised Amazing Race to whichever city or location you choose. Spending half or full day navigating around the city using our custom App as your team accomplishes a series of fun and wacky challenges. From accomplishing social media challenges to puzzles along the way, finding clues at local venues to so much more!


Outdoor Event


2-8 hours

Group Size


Unite as a team with this amazing half to full day event!

Our amazing team of Facilitators will design you and your team a fully customised Amazing Race at the city of your choice.

Take full advantage of your city’s unique options. Use public transport to explore a larger area or visit historical sites. Our custom Amazing Race events will give your team an amazing experience to remember for years to come.

Your team will be split into smaller groups before they race off around the city competing against one another. Teams will pass by one another but are focused on their own success and goals; to emerge as the race victors!

Each team will get their own customised, branded, team bandanas to identify them throughout the event and take home to remember their epic day.

With your own customised app and challenge cards, teams will race all over the city and build great connections within their small groups.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Problem Solving
Creative Thinking

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