Puzzle Masters

Working in small teams you’ll compete against each other in a series of puzzles, physical challenges, mental tasks and spy games to earn yourself clues and pieces to the final puzzle.

Each round will see your group competing in various tasks, a mixture of physical to mental, to earn clues and hints that they’ll need to solve the final puzzle.


But the final puzzle… they’ll need ALL the pieces to unlock it.


Outdoor OR Indoor Event



Group Size

Teams of
6 - 2000+

Riddle Me This...

Puzzle Master Team Challenge pushes your team to use strategy, observation, patience and must more.

This Team building activity is the ultimate challenge to illustrate the value of various teams and departments coming together to work together. Breaking down Silos, focusing on global success and checking your ego at the door are just a few of the key takeaways from this event.

Be it a Cryptex puzzle, wooden box puzzle, large spy-based challenges or other physical tasks, your teams will compete against each other to win special clues or keys to unlock future puzzles and challenges.

With all the clues and hints won along the way, will teams have enough answers to solve the challenge? Or will they need to rely on each other to unlock the final puzzle by sharing their resources?

Creative Thinking At It's Best

Puzzle Masters pulls challenges from a number of our popular, team-focused challenges and uses them to build an evolving event which grows challenge by challenge.

For those team’s wanting to focus on breaking down silos, the final challenge can only be completed by all team’s coming together to share information to solve one last puzzle. The epitome of global goal setting and success. Or leave it as a competitive challenge where one team emerges victorious over the others. 
This event is customized to suit your needs and goals

Team Building Puzzles Challenges

  • Cryptic Boxes
  • Puzzle boxes
  • Blindfolded Mindfield
  • Spy Challenge
  • Trebuchet Wars
  • Sling Shot Target Practice
  • Nerf Target Shooting
  • Plane Building
  • Riddle challenges
  • Catapult Built & Battle
  • Master Thief Challenge
  • & More!!
Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Time Management
Delivering custom designed programs

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