RC Speed Racer

RC Speed Racer combines building bridges and RC cars. This is team building done right! Working in small groups you work to build an elevated race track using Bamboo, cardboard, string, tape and some surprise supplies. Each group will have additional challenge like: Gaps, Turns, Draw Bridge, Jumps & more creative little challenges.


Indoor Or Outdoor Event


2-5 Hours Event

Group Size

Teams Of All Size

1. Build It!

Once each group has completed their section of track, we combine all section to form one giant race track, this when RC speed race kicks into full gear.

2. Race It!

Once the whole track is completed we then break our the RC cars where we have a full round robin race! Each team will have their own car, where they have to navigate around the track which they have just built.

Come the end of the event we will have a victorious team, as the ultimate RC Speed Racer!

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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