This event is adaptable to countless locations.

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    1-2 hours

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Work together to build a miniature skyscraper. You team will work as a unfitted team as they work together lifting parts into the air and stacking them high until their structure stands tall and secure

Groups will not be permitted to physically touch any of their materials and will be given a specialty tool, to which they will also use simultaneously to lift and move their construction material one on top of the other.

Groups will be given a series of mini challenges which they will have to overcome while working towards the end goal of building the tallest structure possible.

Using communication, trust, teamwork and delegation groups will overcome these challenges to come out successful.

Skill Development & Outcomes

Skill Development

✪ Problem Solving

✪ Time Management

✪ Planning Skills

✪ Communication

✪ Developed Negotiation Skills

✪ Project Management

✪ Trust

✪ Customer Service Skills

✪ Creative Thinking

Program includes:

  • Fully customised program delivery targeting your objectives and goals
  • Post event follow up from your facilitator to check on teams development
  • Team Health Check report post program
  • On going recommendations for further development

This event is adaptable to countless locations. Suitable to various locations and fits in perfectly to break up long meetings, conferences or standalone team building days

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